KP certificates from the Central African Republic

KP certificates from the Central African Republic

CAR Kimberley Process Certificates are in the process of being upgraded to a more secure certificate.  All KP Focal Points have the list of valid signatures for KP certificates that will be issued from CAR in the coming months, and will be informed once the new certificates are ready.

In the meantime, CAR will continue to use the old certificate for exports which are under the control of the KP Monitoring Team.  They therefore recommend greater vigilance for any certificate supposed to come from CAR.

KP Clarifies Position on Central African Republic Diamond Exports

The office of the Kimberley Process (KP) chair has clarified reports of a deal to resume diamond exports from the Central African Republic (CAR).

Earlier in March, Joseph Agbo, CAR’s minister of mines, met with Viken Arslanian, an executive of Sodiam, the country’s largest diamond miner, and agreed to follow a framework set out in July 2015 to gain KP compliance. The meetings were facilitated by KP chair Ahmed Bin Sulayem.

Kimberly Process Certificate

“The outcome was that both groups would abide by what was agreed in Luanda in July 2015 and to request the KP Monitoring Group provide a timetable for the resumption of diamond exports,” Evgeny Garanin,

The 2015 agreement noted that CAR could resume rough exports when it implements a program that, among other things, compelled it to ensure traceability of diamonds from certain areas defined as compliant zones.