Diamond smuggling, Chinese customs officials in Shenzhen stop

Diamond smuggling attempts thwarted by Chinese customs officials in Shenzhen

Numerous Chinese diamond smugglers have been caught trying to sneak the gemstones into the country hidden in their underwear, socks, wallets and even packs of cigarettes, mainland media reports.

Customs officials in Luohu, at the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, in Guangdong province, said they had thwarted more than 100 different diamond smuggling attempts so far this year, Southern Metropolis News reported.

In one case, 133 diamonds weighing a total of 26.31 carats were hidden in pair of underpants, while in another smuggling attempt 14 diamonds weighing a total of 7.38 carats where found in a small front pocket of a man’s underwear.

Other smugglers were also caught trying to conceal the diamonds in their socks and cigarette packs.

In another case, customs officials found 14 diamond certificates hidden under a girdle worn by a young man and then discovered 14 diamonds concealed in his wallet.

The report did not say where the suspects had obtained the diamonds.

What not to do when smuggling diamonds

Jiang Sulian of China had to undergo a colonoscopy when she arrived at Bangkok airport. The reason? She had stolen a six-carat diamond from a Thai jewelry fair and swallowed it. It became lodged in her large intestine, and she had to undergo surgery as the large gemstone couldn’t be removed naturally.

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Police in South Africa arrested a Lebanese man who swallowed 220 polished diamonds

November 2012, a 25-year-old  Lebanese smuggler was detained in Johannesburg, South Africa at OR Tambo international airport with a parcel of 220 polished diamonds in his stomach,in transit to Dubai, the man was stoped by customs officials, with the help of laxatives, he was able to surrender the diamonds.