Mediterranean Gemmological and Jewellery Conference in Syracuse, Italy.


Mediterranean Gemmological and Jewellery Conference in Syracuse, Italy May 11-14, 2017.


Lectures from leading Gemmologists, Dealers, coloured diamond experts on a broad range of subjects but crucial topics that are most worrisome to Jewellers, Gem Dealers and Appraisers.

Alan Bronstein
Story of the Blue Moon Diamond

The topic is about one of the most sensational blue diamonds recovered in the last few decades that has been documented from mine, through its metamorphosis to one of the most beautiful and historical diamonds that are known to exist today. With comments from the few individuals that were instrumental in creating its provenance.

Dr. Katrien de Corte
Type IIa Diamonds: Good, Bad, and Rare

Katrien de Corte will talk on type II diamonds specifically the light brown and grey/blue natural varieties and treatments that can be applied to them. Their abundance in nature and presence on the market will be discussed as well as lab standard and advanced techniques to separate natural, treated and synthetic type II diamonds.

Thomas Gelb
Fancy Color Diamonds: Color Grading and its Relationship to Value

Thomas will describe how GIA grades colour in fancy colour diamonds, the lighting and viewing geometry used and what graders are looking for with reference to master stones. The terminology used will be discussed and how the trade values the grades.

John Chapman
Colour and Fluorescence Grading of Coloured Diamonds by Instruments

Instruments offer the advantage of objectivity and consistency of measurement. However for accuracy with diamonds, several issues must be addressed to cater for the effects of clarity, and cut for which illumination is critical. Suitable image processing and calibration can provide meaningful colour grading with application to fluorescence grading also.

Branko Deljanin
New Approach for Grading and Certification of Coloured Diamonds – Provenance Type

Major labs grade fancy-coloured diamonds into six categories, and dealers often subdivided them further based on colour intensity. GRS and CGL have developed an additional nine colour sub-categories to better cater for coloured diamonds on the market. Additionally jointly they started “Colored Diamond Provenance Report” to assign an Argyle provenance to pink and blue coloured diamonds based on specific “fingerprint” characteristics that are measurable.

Kym Hughes
Valuation of Coloured Diamonds for Trade and Consumers

As home country to many coloured diamonds, Kym Hughes often has to value fancy coloured diamonds from Australia and will provide an insight into pricing such gems and the impact of provenance.  A comparison between Argyle and GIA colour grading systems will also be covered.

Ilaria Adamo
Demantoid Garnet: Identification, Occurrences, and Origin Determination

Due to its rarity and brilliance, demantoid represents one of the most appreciated and precious gemstones among garnets. Liquid and crystalline inclusions in the gem are characteristic of their origin which include; the Urals (Russia), northern Italy, Iran, Pakistan, Namibia and Madagascar. Trace element compositions, especially for chromium and REE are also useful for origin determinations.

Victor Tuzlukov & Alicia Vildosola
Evaluation of Cut for New Generation of Gemstones – Artistic and Precious Cut

Gemologists and appraisers today are not ready to evaluate cut quality of colored stones because the existing cut grading systems (e.g. GIA gems gem grading system) are based on reference to some standard shapes, but many new designs are excluded from this evaluation. A new approach to gem cut grading will be proposed – based on strict criteria of stone elements (perfection of facets, edges, meeting points), symmetry (according to design) and optical features (window).

Larry French
Gianmaria Buccellati: Master Goldsmith of Milan

Italian jewellry designer Gianmaria Buccellati created extraordinary jewels and objects during the 1900s. He used two distinctive goldsmithing techniques in his jewels, engraving and the ‘lace” or honeycomb style. He had a great passion for rare and often overlooked gemstones and a special love for wildly shaped baroque pearls.  Stories surround Gianmaria’s “extraordinary objects” collection which includes chalices, boxes and other objects of art, many of which reside in great museums all over the world.

Dr. Victor Denisov
Luminescence Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

The spectra of luminescence (fluorescence and phosphorescence) of natural diamonds excited by short wavelength (257 nm) or long wave (365 nm) ultraviolet radiation at room and liquid helium (~ 5K) temperatures are studied. The intensities of luminescence of diamonds from the same parent diamonds were investigated, and the influence of the color characteristics of diamonds examined.

Dr. Sergei Terentev
ALROSA Diamond Inspector

A new device – “ALROSA Diamond Inspector” is used to identify the origin of diamonds and their imitations. This device can be applied to diamonds larger than 0.01 ct, including diamonds set in jewelry. The device determines using several analyses in under 1 minute whether a diamond is; natural, synthetic, treated or imitation. The portable machine screens loose polished diamonds and jewelry, identifying synthetics as well as treated stones or simulants.

Three gemologists, including conference chairs Branko Deljanin and George Spyromilios, will test the machine with 50 samples of natural, treated and synthetic diamonds on May 11 and 12.

The launch comes after De Beers introduced its latest automatic device for screening melee at the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show last week.

Venue & Schedule

This is the third in a series of annual conferences that will roam throughout the Mediterranean, allowing delegates to experience new and exciting locations each year.

The conference will take place May 11th to 14th, 2017 in Syracuse, Italy.

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