Cullinan |home of the Petra Diamond Mine, where the magnificent Cullinan diamond was discovered

Cullinan, home of the Petra Diamond Mine, where the magnificent Cullinan diamond was discovered on
22 January 1905.

Cullinan annual festival is another of the successful economic growth and job creation projects that have been encouraged and successfully implemented in the area.

Festival activities to entertain the whole family have been planned.
These include vintage cars, a Diamond Rush,  beer gardens, a craft market, camel & pony rides, game drives, helicopter flips over the pit (which is even larger than the Kimberly hole!), surface  tours of the mine, A wonderful variety of eats, and a food market, will be provided on the day.

While in Cullinan, if you are passionate about poetry, red wine,
moonlight and music…

For those festival-goers not wanting to rush back to Pretoria or
Johannesburg, and wanting to experience the brilliance of the stars out
of the city, as well as the peace and tranquility of the surroundings at
Cullinan, If you looking for a great wedding venue considerJan Harmsgats’ Backyard.

Monday to Sunday 09h00 to 16h00, against the backdrop of the quaint diamond town of Cullinan, north of Pretoria, Jan Harms opens his backyard and garden to the public. Well worth a visit.

This rustic venue at 88 Oak Avenue , Cullinan has
become famous over the last eighteen months for its otherworldly music
evenings, weddings and antique auctions.

Jan Harm (012) 734-0536 or (082) 255-2465.

Venue Viewing: Monday to Sunday 9h00 to 16h00.

JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas is geleë in die pragtige, historiese deel van Cullinan – ‘n katspoeg van Pretoria en ‘n klipgooi van Johannesburg.

Die sandsteenhuis met sy ongelooflike dekor is nie ‘n sommerso-huis nie! Dis ‘n plek waar fantastiese dinge gebeur…


Cullinan, which has developed a unique history and atmosphere since
its birth as a diamond-mining town, offers the tourist a variety of
other activities situated as it is in a beautiful, unspoiled
environment. Several curio shops and restaurants are located In the
town, and the surroundings are Ideal for horse riding end bird watching.

A small, well-preserved 19th century mining town east of Pretoria. Founded in 1902 and named for the founder of the Premier Diamond Mine, Sir Thomas Major Cullinan, this semi-rural community consists of mining families, farmers, artists and, on weekends, bikers and families looking to escape to the country.



The Cullinan Star Cut™, a unique 66-facet cut, has an extra 8 facets.

Cullinan village, once a farm called Elandsfontein, was acquired by prospector Thomas Cullinan when he established the farm’s diamond-bearing potential. It became the Premier (Transvaal) Diamond Mining Company Ltd, now the Petra Diamond Mine.

Cullinan village is situated in Dinokeng, the north-east corner of Gauteng province. Its close proximity to Pretoria and Johannesburg, its Victorian charm, and its reputation for yielding some of the largest diamonds ever discovered, make it a fascinating destination.

Quirky and quaint, the town of Cullinan’s focal point is Oak Avenue, which is lined with jacaranda and oak trees, cottages with intricate wrought-iron work and picket fences, bric-a-brac shops, restaurants, and the must-visit Jan Harmsgat se Agterplaas (literally, ‘Jan Harmsgat’s back garden’), a garden theater-cum-gallery that rarely fails to delight visitors with its junkyard glamour.

The open-cast mine is among the biggest in the world, three times the size of the more famous Kimberley Big Hole. When you’ve finished ogling this enormous crater, visit the Diamond Hub next door, where you’ll be able to see replicas of the mine’s most famous gems and diamond-cutting demonstrations.

Check out the historical and cultural attractions, including murals painted by Italian prisoners of war during World War II, St George’s Anglican Church designed by Sir Herbert Baker, the Sammy Marks Museum and Cullinan Station.

Dig below Cullinan’s surface and you’ll find fascinating stories. Take a local tour with a specialised guide or visit game ranches, go for outdoor sports, adventure activities and steam train trips.


From Johannesburg follow the N1 north towards Pretoria. Take the Pretoria East/Polokwane split. Take the N4 east (towards Witbank), then take the Rayton/Cullinan (R515) off ramp.


Local guides offer historical and mine tours. On Sundays, a tractor tour visits Cullinan’s historical attractions; McHardy House Museum


You’ll need a car to  visit the mine, and tour the surrounds. It’s possible to explore the centre of town on foot, or take a narrated tram ride through the village.


A perfect two-day, one-night getaway.


Accommodation options in the village range from five-star guesthouses to zany cottages constructed from reclaimed construction materials and junk.


The Groot Gat Festival in March, and a Mampoer Festival in May (mampoer is a notoriously strong, traditional South African spirit akin to moonshine).


Cullinan Mine is famous for its rare blue diamonds, which are on sale.


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