The Rough Diamond Course

The Rough Diamond Course:

The Rough Diamond Course brings learning to life for those who what to learn to buy sell and sort rough diamond.

As years of knowledge are presented, the rough diamond course describes how to buy, sell and tender on rough diamond operations.

Through practice modules and exercises, the student develops skills along with knowledge.

The Rough Diamond Course presents a complete discussion of the subject of diamonds in 10 day lessons divided into three general sections.

The first part of the course provides the essential information diamond  dealers need to be professional and honest in their diamond career.

We cover  the 4 C’s of color, clarity, cutting and carat weight, diamond treatments, synthetic diamonds and facts about diamond jewelry.

Important background information like where diamonds come from, how they’re mined and processed, how they’re cut and how they come to market.

The course teaches the  skills related to rough diamonds – how to sort, identification of fakes, marking the diamond, pricing, the selling process, sourcing diamonds from Angola, Botswana, DRC and South Africa.


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