About Us – Rough, Polishing and Cutting Training

Look no further!  At last the world’s  leader in Rough Diamonds, Polishing and Cutting Courses.

A dedicated team of researchers and lectures will teach you about  the art of cutting and polishing, grading and evaluation of diamond gemstones, the interactive course can now also be done via skype from the comfort of your laptop. With the speed and immediacy that only the World Wide Web can offer.

The diamond industry was once renowned for being reclusive and having a closed-door policy. However, through benificiation and training the industry is being forced to open up, especially with the advent of technology and e-mail.

Businessman, dealers and factory owners learn about the latest developments in synthetics, for example, or about the cheapest, yet most accurate means of maintaining that their diamonds are not from Africa’s war zones. Your business will depends on it.

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All courses, are presented Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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The following courses are currently on offer: Rough Diamonds, Polishing and Cutting Courses.

  • Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation ( 2 Weeks)
  • Polished Diamond Grading and Gold (1 Week) 
  • Diamond Cutting, Polishing and Processing

 Please fill out the online enrollment form, by doing so you confirm you have read and accepted our general terms and conditions –  send us a copy of your identity card or passport –  pay a deposit and balance before commencement of the course. Banking Details: