Best time to buy a Diamond

Evan Roberts –

evans roberts diamondeducation co zaI don’t think there is really a best time to buy, now is the best time. If you want to get engaged, just do it. Is a 10- 20% saving really worth losing your future wife? One can wait for the diamond price to fall, the exchange rate to improve but it’s is all relative.

My best advice would be to avoid Christmas and Valentines. Don’t buy from high end jewelers in fancy shopping malls. They have high overheads to meet. Shop online and smaller jewelers or direct from a diamond dealer who supply the trade. Just ensure the diamond has a reputable grading certificate from a laboratory.

Buy the diamond loose and get a manufacturing jeweler to do your make-up. Get a basic education on how the pricing and discounts work using the Rapaport, a knowledge of the 4’cs and you are equipped to negotiate a fair deal with the jeweler.

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