Investment Diamonds

Invest in a Diamond

Evan Roberts Diamonds offers Investment diamond services to select private clients, he is  developing a transparent, efficient, liquid market for select, GIA graded investment diamonds. Prospective clients are encouraged to contact him.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but in the future they could also be an investor ’s next  best friend, thanks to a global decline in the production of quality gems from mines. 

It is not a recommended investment for all investors because of the difficulty in valuing individual stones, there is evidence that the high end of the diamond business started to stabilize after a sharp fall in diamond prices in 2011.

Like some other luxury goods, diamond prices were pushed higher in the wake of the Lehmann Brothers collapse in 2008 as wealthy investors diverted  portions of their capital into non-monetary, and highly-portable resources assets.

Because diamonds are tricky to value, and the same gem stone can generate variety of different opinions, they are a commodity best left to professionals.